Monday, July 18, 2011

Tribune: 'Salt Lake City announces clean-air challenge winners'

The Salt Lake Tribune has a brief about Salt Lake City's "Clear the Air Challenge" award winners.
"Since the Clear the Air Challenge began in 2009, Utahns have saved a total of 3.6 million vehicle miles and 6.2 million pounds of emissions," Becker said in a news release. "This is not the end of the road to help clear the air, but rather a congratulatory milestone to encourage us to reduce even more vehicle emissions for a sustainable future." 

During the monthlong challenge, more than 6,000 Utah residents helped to eliminate 110,990 single-occupant vehicle trips, averting more than 1.2 million miles, which resulted in a reduction of 2.1 million pounds of emissions. Challenge winners won a variety of donated prizes, including a new Specialized bike, Real Salt Lake Club tickets, $200 in U Car Share credits, UTA monthly passes and more. 

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Award recipients: 

Outstanding Team Effort 

Most pounds of emissions saved • UTA Operations (Utah Transit Authority)

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