Monday, July 11, 2011

Tribune: 'Bus from Salt Lake City to Park City — will it work financially?'

The Salt Lake Tribune has a piece on the possibility of UTA extending service to Park City.
For decades, folks in Park City have wished for mass transit over Parleys Summit and down into the Salt Lake Valley. But now that one is set to arrive in October, the financial outlook for the public bus route remains unclear.

Park City shed its former identity as a mining town and grew into an international resort destination without the benefit of public mass transit. During its mining heyday, however, from 1890 to the end of World War II, Park City was served by a rail line from the capital city.

Recently, the Utah Transit Authority, in an agreement with Summit County and Park City, announced it would initiate a bus line that will run from Salt Lake City to Park City and area resorts.

Summit County and Park City agreed to underwrite losses up to $470,000 over the first year of operation, then evaluate whether it’s feasible to continue.

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